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About me

I was born in 1972, in Komotini, where I was raised. I took my first photography and dark booth classes in 1992, alongside my studies; I haven’t parted with my camera ever since, using photography as a means of personal expression.

I have taken my fisrt photography classes at DUTH’s Youth Society center and at the Creative Photography Center of Alexandroupolis, of which I’ve been an active member since 2008. I held the position of secretary for 4 years, and for the past few years I’ve shared my knowledge and love for artistic photography with the Center’s students.  I am also a founding and active member of Komotini’s Photography Group.

I have taken part in various photography and art seminars along the years, and have taken part in group exhibitions in Komotini and Alexandroupoli. I have also published my photographs in the form of photography albums.


2019 - Participation on project " The Provinces " -TAF-The art foundation gallery - excibition in Athens.

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